Buildings and Contents Insurance

Why is it important?

If you have a mortgage, one of the conditions of your mortgage is to have the building insured.

But more importantly your home is most likely your most expensive asset and as so, worth protecting properly.

Buildings Insurance

Provides protection for and against,

  • Rebuilding your home.
  • Fire & smoke.
  • Severe weather – the likes of storms, flooding & lightning.
  • Impact – from Aeroplanes or things falling from an aeroplane, being hit by a vehicle, falling tree or an aerial.
  • Vandalism and rioting.
  • Subsidence and landslip.
  • Water or oil leaks.
  • Alternative accommodation – in the event of the house being uninhabitable do to an insured risk.
  • Replacement of locks and keys.
  • Trace and access – this will cover the locating and fixing of the leak with money towards repairing parts of the building damaged due to the leakage. It is important to have a reasonable level of this to cover damage, we recommend £5000 worth.
  • Garden cover – damage to trees, shrubs, plants hedges and lawns.
  • Accidental damage – glass, ceramic hobs and sanitary fittings.

Contents Insurance

New for old works on the basis of the valuables being replaced if they can not be repaired economically. Cover can include the following.

  • Damage to trees, shrubs not covered under building insurance.
  • Freezer contents.
  • Weddings, birthdays and religious festivals – an increase in possessions cover up to a month before and after the event.
  • Money and credit cards – loss of as a result from a forced entry into your home.
  • Loss of metered oil or water.
  • Contents in transit – during a house move so long as a professional removal company has been used. The items would also have needed to be packed by the firm.
  • Theft from a garage or outbuilding – needs to be within 100meters from your home.
  • Contents in the grounds

How much cover do I need?

This depend on how much your possessions are worth.

Your contents cover is split into three areas

General contents


Personal possessions

General possessions

These are the normal possessions owned by the policyholders, the likes of sofa and fridge freezer but do not fall into the valuables category. If the value of any of these items is worth more than £2500 you need to specify them individually.


These are precious metals and stones, watches, jewellery, works of art, computer equipment and portable electrical equipment other than radio’s and TV’s. This covers specified possessions you wish to have covered in your home.

Personal Possessions

Clothing, baggage and articles of use – normally worn, carried or for use away from the home. Phones need to be specified if over £250 and bikes if valued over £500. This section of cover is an add on and will increase the premium.

Optional Extra’s

Home Emergency cover for the likes of – Call out and labour fee’s, money towards accommodation, money towards a new boiler if not economical to repair.

There are limits to the remuneration with these. T&C’s applicable.

Legal cover

Area’s where it could be used;

  • Purchase of goods and services – useful if mis sold goods or received a poor service.
  • Bodily injury
  • Property ownership/occupation
  • Unlawful eviction
  • Damage to personal property
  • Discrimination at work
  • Employment rights
  • Motor offences
  • Lost wages as a result of Jury service.

Provisions and conditions applicable please contact our advisors to discuss.

Should I use a comparison website?

That is entirely up to you.

If price is all your worried about then probably go ahead.

Just bear in mind that they are not comparing like for like.

The reason that most policies are cheaper is because you’re not covered for something.

In other words you won’t be able to claim when you need to.

How would you feel if you saved £100 on your premium only to be out several thousand pounds because you were not covered for what you really needed?

Will the comparison website get involved with claim’s, service or queries?

Not at the time of writing this they don’t.

Will the comparison website stand behind you?

They don’t advise you on a product so they don’t have to.

Will they lobby an insurer on your behalf if you’re not happy with a claim?

Why would they, you chose the product, You’re responsible.

Should I get advice from You 1st Mortgages?

Obviously we are going to say yes, but see the reasons why.

We don’t charge you, as like comparison websites we get paid from the insurer.

You don’t have to complete an online form. We will ask you the relevant questions to find out what is important to you and what you need, then write the answers down for you.

We’re here to explain the terms you may be unsure of.

We will request quotes from leading home insurers based on your needs.

We will advise you to what in our expert opinion is the best product for you, taking into consideration, affordability.

If you have any queries, we will answer them.

If you need assistance with a claim, we will help.

We will arbitrate on your behalf if you don’t get the decision you were hoping for when you put in your claim.

We will stand by our advice. We will stand by you.

We will put You 1st.

You 1st Mortgages Ltd act as a credit broker not a lender for buildings and contents insurance