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We are going to look at what a mortgage broker does and how they can help you during the process of buying a house.

What is the role of a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker offers a professional advising service, to help you decide what way you would like to own your own home. They try and find a way through the financial process to help you out with the best possible outcome.

It’s having someone there to guide you through the process. Most people are not aware of the ins and outs, and some of the terminologies might sound foreign to you. It’s about guiding you through the hoops that you’ll need to go through and to try and reduce some of the anxiety that you might have. It’s about giving people knowledgeable and respectful mortgage advice.

What are the benefits of going through a mortgage broker and what are the alternatives?

Everyone is different but there are potentially three options to choose from if you’re looking to purchase your own home:

  1. Go to your bank – You can go to your bank and see if they’ll give you a mortgage. You will be limited to that one company, and you will be limited to the mortgage deals that they offer you.
  2. Do this on your own – You could instead do this on your own, find a rate online, and research the market online. You can go to a mortgage company or a lender that you believe you qualify for and apply for it yourself. If you’re going to do it properly, it might take you several days or weeks. However, you won’t have the protections in place that you would have with a broker or regulated service.
  3. Go to a broker – Your broker will have a comprehensive list of companies throughout the market with thousands of products to choose from. Some of them may only be available to them in your area.

    You would then have a conversation around what your plans are for the future, what your needs are, what you want, and what you believe is affordable for you. They will take on board everything you tell them and come back with a product you qualify for and in most cases, you can get, but answering your question. Yes

    I would say going to a broker will reduce anxiety and they’ll give you choices that make you aware of the issues that you may not be aware of. It’s a personal decision, but if you’re doing something you’ve never done before, it’s always good to have somebody who knows and a broker gives you more choice.


How do I choose the right mortgage broker for me?

Again, it’s a personal preference.

If you’re looking for somebody to do a good job, look at how qualified they are, if they are CeMAP qualified. They shouldn’t be able to actually do mortgage advice without it.  . Are they CeMAP Professionals? Do they belong to any other organisations? What do their customers say about them? Go to their website and see if they’ve got any reviews.

Do the reviews say that they’re just a nice person and that they were very helpful? Or do the reviews say they’re appropriate, who solved the client’s issues when there was a problem, and when things didn’t seem as though they were going to go well? What did they do and is that the type of person you would like working for you? There’s a difference between someone nice and friendly and someone who’s done something for you, that is totally different. You show your value.

Are they active on social media? Most mortgage advisers are. Some are not. Do they have a generic website or does something stand out that appeals to you? Is it better than the rest?

A combination of all these things will help you, but it’s going to be a personal decision. Not every single person you meet, you like. It’s the same with a mortgage broker. Not every single mortgage broker you meet is going to be perfect for you.

When should I speak to a mortgage broker? At what point would you recommend speaking to someone?

It’s when it suits you. It could be when you decide you’d like to own your own home, but you haven’t saved any money, and you haven’t thought about a credit report.

Perhaps you haven’t thought about the process at all and you don’t know where to start. That might be the perfect time for you to go into your broker and have a chat and say, “What do I need to do and how can I be successful at purchasing this house in maybe a year or two or five years?”

It could be when you’ve saved up a deposit for your home and you’re ready to search for that perfect home. You perhaps want to know how to go about that and have a decision in principle, so whenever you find that house, you can turn around and make an offer.

Or, it can be when you find the house, you’ve got the deposit, everything is perfect for you, and you’re ready to go. It’s again, up to the individual. Your mortgage broker can help you at whatever stage of the buying process you’re at.

What kind of services, other than the mortgage, can I expect from a mortgage broker?

All brokers are different, but in essence, their service is to provide you with a mortgage or a massive debt you pay for the rest of your life. However you would like to look at it!

The difference between certain brokers is, asking if they’ll guide you through the process. Will they hold your hand when things aren’t going the way you want? Will they challenge you when you need to be challenged? Some people think they know better, but may not.

Will that mortgage broker, through his experience let you know what that experience tells him. Will they help protect your investment?

Everybody knows now about furlough schemes and what they are, and how they’ve helped them benefit through this crisis. However, have they asked you if you have your own, personal furlough scheme in place?

Therefore, if you were unfortunate as a result of an accident or illness, be in a position where you can pay your mortgage and keep your family sustained through that period.

Will that broker offer that service to you? Will they make sure that if the worst of all things happen and you’re not alive, at the end of the twenty-five years,  the house will be paid for and your family has somewhere to live and won’t be put out?

Will they make sure that the government is in a position where they can’t get their hands on the money that you wanted to provide for your family? In the worst-case scenario.

These days, most people only think about moving into a new home and living in that. They don’t think that they could die before they own it. They don’t think about what the consequences of that are if they don’t have a will.

Some brokers will provide that service and look after your will for you. If you need to make any changes to that in the future, they can do that. The benefit of this is, It’s done then and you’re not leaving it to the state to decide what happens.

What do you enjoy about the role in helping people through this house-buying process?

When somebody owns their own home, and whenever they’ve got to the point where they’re getting the keys. They’re happy and excited.

They love the prospect of starting this new journey in their life, the new part of their life in this wonderful new property, their dream home. It’s guiding them through, just being with them and seeing somebody get something that they wanted, and they’ve worked hard to get. It gives you so much joy just to be part of their lives and to say you helped them to do that.

It’s just enjoyable to see the joy in other people’s faces, whenever they’ve managed to get the home of their dreams.

You’re based in Craigavon, why is it a popular location in terms of whether it’s investments or to live?

Well, it’s referred to as Roundabout City.  For those that live here in the central part of Craigavon.

We’re based between two market towns, which is Portadown and Lurgan. We have probably one of the best shopping centers in Northern Ireland, at our doorstep, if you’re in the central part of Craigavon.

We’ve also got a brand new leisure center that everybody’s looking forward to going to, built on the balancing lakes, which are fishing lakes and just a nice area to walk around in the summer. We’ve got a 50-meter swimming pool that everybody’s trying to get into, but because of Covid19 you can’t just yet.

We’re called Roundabout City because people get lost whenever they visit here because of the roundabouts. They get turned around, they don’t know where they’re going. One of the wonderful things about it is, there’s a black path network throughout the whole Craigavon area. It means you can cycle anywhere within Craigavon, without going on a road.

You can take your children out if you want for a cycle, or a walk, and you have no worries about cars or lorries or anything else, which is an advantage to most people. It’s a matter of going out and enjoying it.

We’ve also got other towns in the local area. We serve Banbridge and then you’ve got the country areas in between. We’re 25 minutes away from Belfast if there’s not much traffic on the road.

If you’re going at seven o’clock in the morning to get to Belfast, it will take you about an hour to get to Belfast. Otherwise, you can make the journey in half an hour. It’s a good location, it’s quite central and it’s very, very close to the motorway, so it makes life a lot easier.

When they were designing it they were designing it as a future city. There are still slightly short of where they wanted to be but there are so many good things about living in this area that offset some of the ideas they never managed to do. Plus, you don’t get these ideas anywhere else anyway, so you’re not missing anything!

What does it cost to use your service?

Whenever you call me or we have a chat, I’ll tell you exactly what the fee will be. Unless I’m actually successful. I call it a success fee, it means I do not charge you any money unless I actually provide you with a mortgage that allows you to purchase your home. If I can’t get you that, it doesn’t cost you anything at all.